Cat Claw Protector Sofa Protect Pads


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Cat Claw Protector Sofa Protect Pads


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– applies to leather sofas and is sticky. The smoother the leather sofa is, the better it will be. It will not stick to the leather sofa and leave no glue. 

– This model is a universal type, not only for sofas, but also for furniture such as table corners, corners, doors, etc.

– Anti-grab film, prevent pets from damaging furniture.


Material: PVC

Size: about 47*15 cm/18.50*5.91′; 2Pcs/set

Package Content:

1 x box   2 x sheets

Weight 0.46 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 cm

10pcs 20x45cm, 10pcs 30x45cm, 12pcs 20x45cm, 12pcs 30x40cm, 12pcs 30x45cm, 15pcs 30x45cm, 18pcs 15x30cm, 18pcs 15x40cm, 18pcs 15x48cm, 18pcs 15x50cm, 18pcs 20x45cm, 18pcs 30x45cm, 1pcs 15x100cm, 1pcs 30x100cm, 2pcs 15x30cm, 2pcs 15x40cm, 2pcs 15x48cm, 2pcs 15x50cm, 2pcs 20x45cm, 2pcs 30x40cm, 2pcs 30x45cm, 3pcs 20x45cm, 3pcs 30x45cm, 4pcs 14x39cm, 4pcs 14x48cm, 4pcs 15x30cm, 4pcs 15x40cm, 4pcs 15x50cm, 4pcs 20x45cm, 4pcs 30x40cm, 4pcs 30x45cm, 5pcs 30x45cm, 8pcs 20x45cm, 8pcs 30x40cm, 8pcs 30x45cm


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